Gary Gessford



During my childhood I was fortunate to view art in major museums and galleries. Those early classic paintings such as those of Caravaggio, Da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Vermeer as well as the sculptures of Michelangelo and Bernini formed my early concepts of art. Later as I became aware of Morris Louis, Franz Kline and Helen Frankenthaler, the color moving over the surface of the canvas excited me. The surrealist such as Hieronymus Bosch, Magritte, and Dali showed me that one can express much more than what is perceived as real. I travel around the world looking at art in every venue, talking with people about personal, spiritual and political issues. All these things influence me as a person and artist.

Over the years my art has evolved as my life has unfolded. My imagery has encompassed everything from architectural, landscape, figurative, floral and non-representational   color expressions. Many times I blend those images together in a series of works.  I create  art for many reasons, sometimes it is just to be in touch with things that are in my surroundings as well as in my travels. Other times I create because I am compelled to make statements (usually about the contrasts of physical and non-physical concepts).  I would say my style is more realistic imagery with a surreal twist at times.   The interplay between the color, light, form and texture of the subject moves me. How I feel when those inspirations flow out through my medium onto the canvas or paper captivates me always. My art work goes much deeper than the surface of what one may see.

A little photo history of Gary
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